by Droids Attack

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released February 10, 2007



all rights reserved


Droids Attack Madison, Wisconsin

Blasting through Earth's atmosphere with a sonic boom from beyond, Droids Attack have come to lay waste to conventional rock & metal soundscapes. Brandishing an unstoppable arsenal of otherworldly riffage, their time bending grooves lay a visceral, unrelentling attack intent on vaporizing audiences with guitar driven thunder hooks. Phasers set to "murder your faces." They watch your ashes burn. ... more

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Track Name: The Lord
You're not for around these parts
Around here they call me lord
And you know what they say
The lord giveth and taketh away

Wipe off your silly grin
You think you're some comedian
You'd better be careful what you say
Because the lord giveth and taketh away

More red meat fresh for the grinder
Fold your anger
Surrender your souls

Guilty by association with the human race
Submit to pressure
Losing faith
We are not innocent
Because no one is innocent
We all sit and stare in horror

The end is near
No one can save us
No one can stop us now
The end is near
Track Name: Steven Seagal
He's an unstoppable one man army
Dishing out street justice taking out the bad guys
If there ever was a justifiable homicide
He don't need a gun he'll use his hands

He'll take you down crying like a child
You'll beg for mercy but you won't see it come
He'll make you suffer
That's right motherfucker
You'll know your time has come

You can ride you can hide don't matter he'll find you
He'll swoop down with the fury of two chicks getting it on
To witness the death of our worst enemies
In the most gruesome satisfying ways

He's out for justice on deadly ground
He's marked for death
He's under siege
He'll make you suffer
That's right motherfucker
You'll know your time has come

He is Steven Seagal
He is above the law
Track Name: Malachi Crunch
Guess what I did last night
Two chicks at once
It's called the Malachi Crunch
It's every boys dream
It's every man's fantasy
It's my reality

Here's how it went down
I met her at the bar
She brought her friend along
I knew it was on
It wasn't long before i took them home
And we got it on

I'm serious
No delirious
Took turns all night
God damn
Double D's on me
You know what I mean

And if you think I'm full of shit
Then I guess you'll see
When we walk into the party and all the girls want to party with me
It's the Malachi Crunch
Can't get enough
You gotta shake it up

Lord have mercy on me
Lord rub pussy on me
That's how it went down
Track Name: Dope Smuggler
If we just say what they want we could end the conversation
If we just do what they want we could end the confrontation

You think I've got it made but you're wrong
Smuggling drugs isn't easy
The drugs are in my ass

On the way to Canada
Ready to play the game
Good mountie
Bad mountie

I've gotta shift my weight
I hope the bag don't break

Lord help me
Track Name: Blood Of The Earth
We try so hard to silence the voices of those who would turn us in
We're heading for a new direction
Chart the arrow
It's pointed down

Walk alone
Reap what you sow
Harvest the blood of the Earth

We've got it down to a science
It's easy to break a man of peace
Thou doth protest too loudly
Thou doth end up in the path of a speeding train
Track Name: The John Oates Mustache Ride
John Oates is the man
You've gotta understand
He's gonna lay a smooth mellow groove on you fuckers
Get ready for the ride
Of your fucking life
And once you hop on you'll never want to stop until you blow your fuckin' mind
Track Name: Scythe In The Fire
Faces in the fire
Faces in the trees
Faces in the dark woods looking at me
The demons are hungry
There's no place to hide
Get on your horse and fuckin' ride

Ride on

You've got the power
You've got the might
Get ready for battle
Defeat the black knight
The demons are hungry
There's no place to hide
Get on your horse and fuckin' ride for your life

Ride on

Oh shit
There's a mark on the back of my head
It's the prophecy of the damned
Hold on to the reigns
Don't ever let go
You ride to save your soul

Scythe in the fire
Into the flame
One step closer
To the grave
Scythe in the fire
Into the flame
One step closer
Going insane