All Your Chicks Are Belong To Us

by Droids Attack

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Meathead Just discovered these guys newest CD. Loved it so much bought their whole catalog!

Take 1 part Clutch + 1 part The Sword = Droids Attack! Favorite track: The Kegger.
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released July 10, 2004



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Droids Attack Madison, Wisconsin

Blasting through Earth's atmosphere with a sonic boom from beyond, Droids Attack have come to lay waste to conventional rock & metal soundscapes. Brandishing an unstoppable arsenal of otherworldly riffage, their time bending grooves lay a visceral, unrelentling attack intent on vaporizing audiences with guitar driven thunder hooks. Phasers set to "murder your faces." They watch your ashes burn. ... more

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Track Name: Droids Attack
Droids Attack with swift and deadly force
Recycling transmission from an unknown source
Droids Attack resist and you will find
Artificial intelligence has surpassed the human mind

It's man versus machine
It's frightening
The battle rages on

Beware of the faceless enemies who hunt us now
With no mercy or fear
First they leveled Tokyo
And now they're headed here
Our weapons are of no use
No weakness can be found
Looks like the entire human race is going down

Why do you do the things you do the things you do
Watch your back they're after you
Droids Attack they're killing you
Watch your back they're after you
Track Name: Droids Attack Is Gonna Move Ya (Do The Dance)
We do the dance, do the dance all night
Make you feel alright
Do me right, dance all night
Shake your ass, shake your ass all night

Do you know what men desire
Do you want what men want
You're looking so fine
Shake that ass for me
And take your titties out and do the dance

You're gonna die motherfucker
Someday soon mark my words
I said word to your mother
Do the dance

You've got me feeling emotions deeper then I've ever dreamed of
You've got me feeling emotions higher then the heavens above
You're gonna die, sucker
Track Name: The Kegger
When was the last time you rocked like this
Probably the last time you listened to Aerosmith
You want to feel the groove we bring it
There's nothing like an endless kegger and a band with no luck

It's time to rock
It's time to roll
When you say rock we roll
It's time to rock

Come on fellas grab a beer it's time to jam
The Droids hit the stage
My amp is cranked, D's bass is pumping
Tony on the drums with drop a beat so heavy it'll make your balls ache
Our sound is hard like a slap from the hand of God

A band with no luck
Track Name: Napster
The master of corporate rock
Is pulling your strings
Our reputations are fragile things
Burn the fan mail
Cash the checks
This is something we won't forget

You tell me you're not afraid to die
So I tell you you ought to give it a try
Metallica is Napster's bitch
Pain is coming
I can feel it with my fist

Oh yeah you've got to give it up
You're gonna die sucker

Two shots one hit no close your eyes
Two shots two wrong don't make a right
They're at it again
Track Name: Your Dad Is Gay
Come out of the closet like a bat out of hell
You act as it's a sin you know all too well
And if you don't understand what I'm trying to say
It runs in the family
I think your dad is gay

You speak of addiction as if you know the cure
As if you've got all the answers
How can you be so sure
So down on the people who want to live their own way
Does it hit too close to home
I think your dad is gay

If it's a sin
I respectfully disagree

There's no one left to lie to except for maybe yourself
So lead a normal life and pray for good health
Because when you're on the stand on judgement day
You'll see what happens
I think your dad is gay
Track Name: March Of The Capitalists
I'll send a message out to everyone
I'll put a new twist on the old style
I'll speak a language only I understand
That is the master plan
That's what I am

I want to be the one who owns it all
I'll put a price tag on everything
I'll be the first one to sell my soul
That's just the way it is
That's how it goes

Come on people
You know what to do
Buy our products
And then die

Whatever you do
Comes back to you
That's why you'll get
A violent death
Track Name: Magic Bullet Theory
Back and to the left
Get it right
Lone demented gunman doesn't quite fit
Although the case is closed evidence has shown
If Oswald was involved he didn't work alone

Come on sucker
Suck on this
The Warren Commission
Was a cover up
What about the puff of smoke from the grassy knoll
This is where the head shot was scored

We already know the truth what happened in '63
November 22nd, Dallas, Texas, John F. Kennedy

Now who do I have to kill
Just give me a name
Point him out in a crowd
And give me one more magic bullet again
Track Name: The Alzner Effect
We're Droids Attack and we know how to rock the fuckin' house, ya'll
You're gonna die 'cause everybody dies
The Alzner Effect will revolutionize the way we walk for the rest of our lives
That's right motherfucker

Somebody set up us the bomb
And if you want to sell yourself short
Go pull the plug on your life support
I've got my eye on a tricky little number
She dances all day all night all right
Her tricky numbers up when the shots ring out

Because everybody dies
That's right motherfucker
Everybody dies
Yeah come on

So pull the plug on your life support
And sell your soul
Track Name: The Benefits
So many benefits to do what they say
Stay in school, get good grades
So many benefits to do what they say
Wear our clothes, get laid
So many benefits to do what they say
Believe in God, be saved
So many benefits to do what they say
Fight our war, get paid

How's that working out for you
How could that sit well with you

It's not just the things that you do
It's also the things that you say

Just doing my job