Sci​-​Fi Or Die

by Droids Attack

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BitterCOld thumbnail
BitterCOld "Look sire, droids!" -

F that rolling trash can and prissbot from the space wars movies. These droids carry an armament that would make an imperial star destroyer blush. Riff heavy stoner rock heavy on the heavy. If that description and the fact their facebook page sports the motto "death to false stoner thrash" sound like your thing, these are the droids you are looking for. Favorite track: The New Plague.
Fistful of DOOM
Fistful of DOOM thumbnail
Fistful of DOOM This album shreds from beginning to end. Droids Attack hit you with a sonic assault that cuts like a buzzsaw. After all is said and done you'll be left battered and bleeding, but begging for more.
Meathead thumbnail
Meathead Add 1 part Clutch + 1 part The Sword, and sprinkle liberally with some of that driving Porcupine Tree/Steve Wilson Guitar riffage/tone=Sci-Fi or Die

Why haven't I heard of these guys before?
Why don't I own all their stuff - Been around since 2004 - are you kidding me?

Just buy it already, because their releases should be a must buy for any hard rock fan.

Hard, Brutal, Awesome- Just WOW!

Thanks PJD! Favorite track: Brahma Astra.
PJD thumbnail
PJD I'm not sure heavy rock can get much better than this. Favorite track: Claw Hammer Suicide.
Daniel thumbnail
Daniel This band is incredible. One album every 4 years on average, but always on the spot. Every time I wonder do they still have what it takes, and this album doesn't disappoint for a moment. They still got it. Fantastic album. Favorite track: Die Glocke.
DataQat thumbnail
DataQat To experience the sublime, ungodly, flesh-ripping, torrential tonal onslaught, saturating sonic epiphany of Brad Van's guitar in person is honestly one of the highlights of my life. Favorite track: Brahma Astra.
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released February 26, 2016

Brad Van - Guitar. vocals
Tony Brungraber - Drums
Darwin Sampson - Bass

Keyboard - Tim Thompson
Saxaphone - Bryan Elliot

Recorded and mixed by Mark Whitcomb at DNA Studios
Mastered by Roger Lian at Masterdisk

All music and lyrics written by Brad Van, Destroy All Music (BMI)



all rights reserved


Droids Attack Madison, Wisconsin

Blasting through Earth's atmosphere with a sonic boom from beyond, Droids Attack have come to lay waste to conventional rock & metal soundscapes. Brandishing an unstoppable arsenal of otherworldly riffage, their time bending grooves lay a visceral, unrelentling attack intent on vaporizing audiences with guitar driven thunder hooks. Phasers set to "murder your faces." They watch your ashes burn. ... more

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Track Name: Die Glocke
Ancient sky
Source of light
Hollow moon churning life

Scar the Earth
Read the signs
Band of holes
Nazca lines

Take control of the Earth

Effortlessly bend space and time
This could be the end of mankind
Wisdom of the ages left behind
This could be the end of mankind
Track Name: The New Plague
About time everybody leaves
Centuries of plague and terminal disease

Blood rain
Curse of humanity
Could this be the work of forces unseen

Ice age

Breathe deep and breathe your last
A new flavor of death for all mankind
Come take your place in line
We weren't the first
We won't be the last

Begin to face reality
Accept there's no way out
Run my fingers through your hair as you lie still and bleed
I patiently await the fall

We weren't the first
We were next in line
Track Name: Claw Hammer Suicide
Come on
Turn it around
You've got your work cut out for you now
I've got the right tool to get the job done
Claw hammer
Bring it down
Paint the walls

Come on
Kneel on the ground
It's time to stop fuckin' around
You wanna say it
Come on and spray it
Claw hammer
Bring it down
Paint the walls

Claw hammer suicide
Don't knock it until you've tried
The punishment for all your crimes
Will spill before your fading eyes
Claw hammer suicide
Expressionism horror ride
A brutal way to say good bye
Going to make a mess tonight

Thanks for coming out
This one's called I'm sorry for the mess
Sit back
Enjoy the show
This one's called I'm sorry for the mess

Deep problems
You've got them
Dark secrets
You keep it

This will be our last song
This one's called I'm sorry for the mess
There will be no encore
This one's called I'm sorry for the mess

Heart pounding
Teeth grinding
Pulse racing
You brace and

Bring it down
You've got nothing to lose
Track Name: Brahma Astra
Spare us from the light that takes life
Brighter then the thousand suns
The mahabharata
Brahmastra come get some

Your prayers will not protect you
Rain fire on you all
Mohenjo Daro
Nuclear War
Your bones will radiate

Bombs away
Birth of war
Life of war
Death of war

Hold tight
Track Name: Mashenomak
Fish monster
Brave warrior
Thank you

Fish monster
Preyed on fishermen
Devoured them

All had great fear
All were suffering
Manabush built a raft to face this evil being

He floated while singing
Mashenomak come eat me

A roar from the darkest depths of the cursed water
Leapt Mashenomak and swallowed the warrior

Spirit animals greet him

All were prisoners of the monster
Plead Manabush end this horror

He reached for his knife and sliced from the inside
The beast was fooled
He suffered and died
Thank you great warrior
The spirits and all were free once again
Thank you great warrior
Track Name: Mashenomak Strikes Again
It was a cold dark night in the fall
Manabooze was tired and full of alcohol
It's time to go
Had to cross the lake to make it home
Intoxicated and all alone
By boat
Oh no

Many myths surround these waters
Mashenomak's legend is known
It's told by all
Then something jumped up from the darkness
And dragged Manabooze down below
And swallowed him whole
Mashenomak strikes again

The creature felt discomfort in his bowels
Sickened and nauctious from the alcohol
Reemerged and purged
And as Manabooze was regurgitated
The spirit animals were liberated
Booze soaked hero

Manabooze saved the day
Track Name: The Maze
Track Name: Rebirth
Suffocation of your life
Breathe deep
We are merely alive just to feed
Take you to the other side
Come with me
This will all end tonight
Get on your knees

We are all in denial
Soon you'll be just a memory
This will all end when I place you on my table

Turn around and face me
You were never safe here
No one will save you

Your existence is a lie told by me
Desperately cling to life
Still believe
Take you to the other side
Come with me
This will all end tonight
Get on yours knees

We are all in denial
This is all you will ever be
This will all end when I place you on my table

They say don't bring a knife to a drag queen gunfight
You will ask I spare you
I will speak these three words
Go to hell
Track Name: The Annunaki
From the ashes of what remains
In between the river banks
Of the Tigris and the Euphrates
Ancient Sumeria
Lies a story of creation
Gods who came from outer space
Genetic manipulation
Created us as slaves

We were made in their own image
Who from Heaven to Earth came
Mining gold to mend the atmosphere
Of planet Nibiru
And as all was once created
All of it will be erased
We were doomed from the beginning
We are the slave race

How long until the end of time
Waiting until the end of time

We are left without a purpose
Holding on abandoned and in pain
We are the bastards of the astral plane
Equally fearful and anxious

Waiting until the end of time

We are in the dark without a way
Creators will destroy us all
We are tools for the master race
Equally giving and taking

Waiting until the end of time
Track Name: Enoch
Been down since they landed
Always felt so ashamed
We all know it's coming
And it won't be the same

Gotta get up
Gotta move on
Gotta get on

So helpless and fragile
Our remainder of days
Won't see the arrival
Dawn of the new age

Enoch and the Gods
Mountain Sinai
Noah and the flood
Judgement overall