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Must Destroy

by Droids Attack

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It's getting so you've got to be crazy to want to survive You've got to keep it alive I just want a chance to listen to the demons inside You've got to keep it alive The blank stare The glazy eyes We don't need to advertise They practically sell themselves The beauty of self inflicted hell
Blueshammer 04:54
If you could just see me now I'm standing tough, standing proud Since you taught me about There's no goodbyes If you could just see me now The women beg, the poseurs bow Since you taught me about Was all a lie You're living a lie You know it's true You're going to die If you could just see me now I'm standing tough, standing proud Since you took a bullet now I'll watch you die
The Arcade Bully's Strong and it won't be long until he drops the bomb The arcade bully's here, he called you a queer, and left you in tears He'll beat you up for change, he's fuckin' deranged, he drives you insane So now you game at home, you're sitting along, your social life is thrown It won't take him long to figure you out and he's just getting started You're getting in the groove, he's learning your moves, and he's just getting started He'll beat your high score, you're down on the floor, they're crying out for more And all the years you've trained have gone down the drain, you've lost your will to game This computer cheats It was the controls I swear this button sticks I want to go home
Must Destroy 06:45
It doesn't matter what you say or do You're a part of it to It doesn't matter what you do or say It'll happen anyway Maybe tomorrow if it ever comes Our work will be done Because we've got the bomb We've got all the toys And now we must destroy
You know it's right when the time is right We'll take them all out one at a time God damn the feeling if the feeling ain't right It's a living hell we've made ourselves You saved yourself from getting eaten alive Time and time and time again God damn the feeling if the feeling aint right It's a living hell we've made ourselves It's easy to recognize but hard to see It's evolution Right now a revolution it's about time it's long overdue It's the American way Right now a revolution we know the game and we're ready to play It's the American way
Last night I had a dream I committed a crime killing you And we know that the dreams that we dare to dream really do come true I'm on my way to your home Everything was quiet and the man showed no expression I heard the motion and felt the breeze and saw the flash of the knife The panic and the confusion The terror and the tragedy The Canadian Death Bus Has claimed another life
Koko Beware 04:45
The actions of my past still haunt my visions every night As if I really believed that I could change form and take flight I can still see them all there hanging on my every word As if I had a message that had to be heard When reality sets back in I'm uncomfortable in my own skin When the stage lights dim I still want to be him Now I walk into the light and it greats me Another meaningless defeat, a hollow victory I always knew I'd rise above the mediocrity But when the moment ends I'm drowning in the misery The scary thing is I have no regrets It had a tone I won't ever forget I heard it say, it's time we've begun Every day and night the dark forces eat you alive You never hold back for fear you will know Secret desire to see how low you can go Time to reflect on the damage done Your worst fears are recognized The greatest hoax of your life Speak clear, believe the lies We still hear your silent cries You dominate in a disguise You contemplate suicide You sealed your fate Open your eyes
Astro Glider 03:49


released February 6, 2010


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Droids Attack Madison, Wisconsin

Droids Attack are a heavy groove infused riff & rhythm based three piece stoner thrash band from Madison, WI, founded by guitarist & vocalist, Brad Van in the late 90's.

Brad Van: Guitar/vocals

Jeff Brennan: Bass/vocals

Riley Heninger: Drums
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